Cheap replacement center-pinch lens caps

These work.

I like center-pinch lens caps as they try to hold themselves on. I don't bother with the leashes, they get in my way. I just buy more caps when I lose them.

I lose a lot of them. Sometimes I wonder if there is a section of the Pacific gyre dedicated to my missing lens caps.

The link is for 52mm caps, but you can adjust the size on the Amazon page and buy whichever you're currently losing. The only lens cap I've held on to (thus far) is the weirdly unique one for my Nikon 14-24 F2.8

5 Center Pinch Lens Cap (52mm) and 5 Cap Keeper Leash">5 Center Pinch Lens Cap (52mm) and 5 Cap Keeper Leash via Amazon

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  1. Yup, this is one camera accessory I'm not afraid to go cheap on. I don't need my camera maker's logo in bright letters on the front of the lens, and it can be a pain to replace an odd sized lens cap while on vacation, so I've traveled with a spare on occasion.

  2. d_r says:

    Here you go.

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