A Volkswagen microbus tent, for camping or just hanging out

After briefly scrambling every available neuron my brain had to offer, this VW Van shaped tent makes perfect sense.

You wanted to go camping in your VW camper, but it wouldn't start! Instead you take your VW sized tent, authentic to a 1965 T1, and cram on in!


I love camping in my VW Vanagon Westy.

VW Volkswagen T1 Camper Van Adult Camping Tent via Amazon

Notable Replies

  1. That is for fooling overhead reconnaissance flights in the run-up to the hippie invasion of Utah. Hundreds of these damn things massed along the border in Arizona, when they're really coming in from Wyoming.

  2. Old says:

    37 pounds. Hmmm. Still probably worth while hauling it up trail to some remote mountain lake just to freak out the other backpackers.

  3. dpease says:

    In addition to getting the dimensions of the original microbus right with this tent, the manufacturer came very close to matching the actual van's 0-60 time as well. Commendable attention to detail.

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