This Sesame Street song made me cry

I've never admitted this to anyone before but I feel especially comfortable with you.

I was sitting in an oversized La-Z-Boy chair when it first saw this clip, and luckily there was no one around to see my tears.   I'm not sure if it happened because the character was so lonely or because everything turned out fine but I'll tell you this - I still get goose bumps whenever I see it.

Grab some tissues and enjoy the story of The Lower Case n.

Notable Replies

  1. It's better than Sesame Street's more racier days...

  2. Here's the original art version. I wonder why someone replaced the I with an S?

  3. Maybe this? This has always been a cherished childhood memory:

  4. Vevk says:

    I signed up just to respond. I believe you are referring to this one.

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