What North Korean defectors think of North Korea

Asian Boss interviewed a couple of young North Korean defectors, who talked about life in the nation-sized cult. Starvation, public executions where everyone over the age of 12 is commanded to watch, no electricity in winter except on days when Kim Il Sung gave his New Year's TV address, and soldiers standing in holes waiting to shoot people trying to escape across a frozen river, are a few of the highlights.

Notable Replies

  1. From what I understand, defectors from North Korea don't like North Korea all that much, and have some issues with it's leadership.

  2. That's not the case! There are videos1 of them praising North Korea and its leadership!

    1Coincidentally, recorded while they were still in North Korea.

  3. This seems to be the source video:

    (Nice work on that front page, boys!)

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