1000 years of royalty: nice map of Europe's nastiest families

Nadieh Breme's Royal Constellations is a delightful starry visualization of a millenium of familial connections between European royals, and it gets right down to business: "Royal & aristocratic families are known for their fondness of marrying within their own clique."

Pick any two and it draws a line between them, revealing ancestral lines going back to the beginning—from the kings of medieval Wales all the way to the Windsors.

Notable Replies

  1. I found it interesting that Henry VIII, who famously had 6 wives, had a genetic reach exceeding his daughter Elizabeth I, of course, but not by as much as you'd think considering the fact she didn't have children. That shows how much everyone is interrelated in that group, that having NO descendants doesn't actually impact the larger picture very much.

  2. I see they didn't include any Arab royalty. Welcome to Trump's America!

  3. And short fingers.

  4. Remember, European royalty (or most any royalty, for that matter) are direct descendants of brutal warlords who managed to beat the shit out of their neighboring brutal warlords more successfully whilst demanding food and money from the local peasants in exchange for "protection".

    The aristocracy came from the brutal warlords who got the shit beat out of them and had to settle for second place.

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