Floor safety cone outwits gentleman

This fellow, possibly inebriated, messed with the wrong cone.

HMB while I kick this safety post

Notable Replies

  1. The video cuts off where he's about to get taken down by the tow line he's created with the tape. Dang.

  2. I know Karma isn't really a thing, but stuff like this makes me want to believe.

  3. I think that the concept of karma is often misunderstood outside of dharmic culture. All it means is essentially "causality", which does not seem very controversial. So if you don't change the oil in your car, and it breaks down, it really is your karma, a consequence of your actions. But Abrahamic culture often has a more judgemental outlook, so it gets interpreted as not as the phenomenological "what resulted from your actions" but rather "you got what the universe thinks you deserved."

  4. "this 'cone' confuses and infuriates me!"

  5. Why did the kick the second cone? That guy wasn't even involved.

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