Wuthering Heights Kindle Edition plus Audible narration for free

I've not read Wuthering Heights but Carla read it twice and keeps telling me too. I found out Amazon has the Kindle edition for free, which isn't a big deal because you can get it on Gutenberg for free, but it also includes the free Audible audiobook, too.

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  1. But... how would I be able to see the semaphore flags in the audible version???

  2. It's a hard book to enjoy while you're reading it for that very reason, but having done so, I find that it haunts me. It's something about setting; the vast, empty spaces and feeling of isolation; of having a very small social environment where one small change can provoke an intense emotional conflict; the slow, natural progression of the plot; the sense of a nearly opaque, nearly forgotten layer of history that can only be accessed through extended interviews with an elderly bystander.

    I grew up in rural upstate NY on 220 acres of land, next door to my grandparents, and I experienced all of that (in smaller doses) while growing up. For that reason Wuthering Heights has a certain authenticity and nostalgia value to me. It's what I can easily imagine that place felt like to the people who lived there long ago.

    If you liked Jane Eyre, Villette is even better. I'm not sure why it isn't better-known.

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