Ikea to teenagers: stop hiding in closets until closing and then having illegal "sleepovers" in our stores

After a pair of Belgian teenagers made a viral sensation with a Youtube video documenting their unauthorized sleepover in an Ikea store, at least 10 other sets of teens have tried to repeat the stunt: now, Ikea is putting the world's teens on notice that they will press charges if they catch you trying it.

An Ikea UK spokesperson told the BBC: "We appreciate that people are interested in Ikea and want to create fun experiences, however the safety and security of our co-workers and customers is our highest priority and that's why we do not allow sleepovers in our stores."

Ikea says illegal teenage sleepovers must end [BBC]

Notable Replies

  1. Make the risky, rebellious behaviour even riskier.

    Yep, sure. That'll drive the teenagers away, because that's how teenage brains work.

  2. Come on, get with the program. You are supposed to hide to stay overnight at the Met, not a store!

  3. Kicks keep get'n harder to find.

  4. They should offer a stipend + room and board to college students to live in the IKEA "sets" and just go about their business, well most of their business...

  5. And with this announcement, and attached news story, a whole load of teenagers who had never heard of this until now all know about this newsworthy, officially disapproved-of trend.

    Sleepover at Barbra Streisand's place.

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