Kumail Nanjiani tweets about Rogue One and the importance of representation

In this spoiler-free Twitter thread, comedian and Silicon Valley star Kumail Nanjiani explains why Rogue One's diverse cast—and especially fellow Pakistani actor Riz Ahmed—meant so much to him:

Notable Replies

  1. No spoilers here but:

    Bodhi (sp?) is the character he's talking about i want to say, and i was convinced that he'd be unceremoneously killed off not long after he's introduced. The fact that he continues to be an important character to the plot kept surprising me. Rogue One is not a perfect movie, but god damn it i fucking loved it.

  2. I'm gonna file this under the same category as "unkempt, unshaven Indiana Jones successfully impersonating a German officer." (Twice!)

  3. Felton says:

    I think Boba Fett was the first to actually say the words, though...

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