Nesting bowls with spill-guards and spouts obviate funnels and reduce mess

Megan McArdle's annual kitchen gift guide hipped me to these POURfect Mixing Bowls ($45/6 bowls), which have spill-guards and spouts, and of which McArdle writes, "after you’ve sifted your dry ingredients, you can pour them straight into the mixer bowl without getting a cloud of flour everywhere. Or strain your fry oil into one, then easily pour it into a container for either storage and reuse, or disposal -- I don’t even know where my funnels are, because I haven’t used one in years."

Notable Replies

  1. You still need a funnel to make kalimotxo.

  2. I'll stick with the metal bowls I get from the restaurant supply store for $2 that I can cover easily (with a plate even, and put another bowl on top of it) and also put hot things like grease into.

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