Just in time for Hanukkah: Maccabees and Menorahs, a dreidel powered RPG

Randy sez, "Maccabees and Menorahs is a one page RPG played with a dreidel and gelt. Designed to run over 8 short sessions, one for each night of Hanukkah."

Maccabees and Menorahs is a collaborative game where 2-5 players retell the story of Hanukkah. One person will be the Nagid (leader) who guides the group through the story. The other players will take on the roles of the Maccabees. When an outcome is uncertain, players spin the dreidel to find out what happens.

This game is designed to be played over eight short (15 minute) sessions, perhaps after lighting the menorah each night. You could also play it in one sitting.

This game is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. That means you're free to share and remix it as long as you keep it free and share it under the same license.

Maccabees and Menorahs [Diegetic Games]

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  1. Lovingkindness? Joy? I wanna be an Orc!

  2. Session one: "screw this theocratic bullshit, let's establish a multicultural secular republic".

    Session two: time to find out how good your GM is at improvising...

  3. Theres probably a CC D20 rules set you can adapt for the combat portions of infighting between the Macabees and the secular/Helenized Jews as well.

  4. FGD135 says:

    Hmm... I think you're on to something here. Should be feasable to modify that into something that enables committees to reach a decision. (Rule of thumb: good decisions are the best, obviously, but a bad decision is usually better than no decision at all.)

  5. Wouldn't you have to resort to some other flavor of tubermancy until new world crops become available?

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