Whimsical felt cat caves

Ukranian artist Yuliya Kosata makes felt dwellings for cats that look like something out of Dr. Seuss.

I enjoyed reading her description in my bad attempt at a Ukranian accent:

Absolutely unique looking like somethng from fary tale or gnoms house cat cave made from soft spring green colors with darker green and yeallow. Cutest house for your beloved pet will decorate any corner of your place.

I wonder if any self-respecting cat would make quick work of this felt masterpiece? It would be worth it to find out as long as you got a couple of good photos first.

Feltfied (via Etsy)

Notable Replies

  1. It doesn't have zippers or enough structure to make scratching it satisfying. I think it'll last ... at least until kitty has an upset tummy. :laughing:

  2. These are awesome. I wish Yulia as much success as possible (on Etsy, that would be before the counterfeit market steals her designs and ruins it for her).

  3. I want a people-sized one of these. Why should cats have all the fun?

  4. renke says:

    classism. our feline masters don't believe in happy servants.

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