Strange object dropped from sky and smashed man's van

This strange object fell from the sky over Milwaukee, Wisconsin last week and smashed the roof of a van. (Image below). According to the van's owner, Michael Robinson, the large, heavy object "looked like a barbecue grill in the snow" but smelled of diesel. Police hauled the thing away and the FAA didn't respond to inquiries from a local TV station. From Mysterious Universe:

Fortunately, there are sites that track the re-entry paths of old satellites, rocket parts and space debris and it looks like Robinson’s space barbecue may have been a part from a Russian military “communications” satellite that was predicted to re-enter the atmosphere on December 19th on a path that would take it directly over – you guessed it – Mike Robinson’s van.

What is that?!” Unidentified, unexplained large object damages man’s van on Milwaukee’s north side (Fox6Now)

Notable Replies

  1. Looks like a carbon fiber wrapped tank for compressed gas or maybe a liquid fuel.

  2. One wonders whether his insurance company will sue the Russians....

  3. It looks like a composite overwrapped pressure vessel. They aren't just used for spacecraft and satellites, but are components of spacecraft and satellites (including Molniya 3-51).

  4. I want to make an Onion-like article where it says something like, "At first the driver of the truck described the object as smelling of urine and beer, until he realize that he sudden impact made him piss himself and spill his beer."

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