Sex toy Rube Goldberg machine [NSFW]

Directed by Allen Cordell: "The Aristocrats!"

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  1. agies says:

    Rube Goldberg? More like Lube Goldberg, amirite?

  2. So, what this is really saying is: Happy New Year 2017....we're all fucked?

  3. Am I the only one one disappointed this was a Rube Goldenberg machine made out of sex toys, and not a sex toy that uses a Rube Goldenberg machine to work? (As the headline hints at.)

  4. Yes, I suppose you're right when you break down the sentence structure.

    But I still feel like the kid who just opened the prettiest wrapped package the same size as a new Playstation, and have it come up socks.

  5. agies says:

    Not lengthwise.

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