Ladies in films win fights with this weird sexy trick

Seeing more kickass women in films is a good thing, but Dominick Nero at Fandor noticed that their fighting style differs from men in one interesting way: their tendency to pinch their opponents in a scissor lock with their strong yet oh-so-supple thighs.

It's certainly interesting that few men employ the move in films, preferring hand-to-hand over crotch-to-face combat. So maybe there's more work to do in terms of political awareness.

Why Do Action Heroines Do This? (Vimeo / Fandor Keyframe)

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  1. Doctor: The x-rays showed an oesophageal tear. lt's commonly known as a hiatal hernia. The pain symptoms are identical to angina. Stress, coffee, spicy foods, gas. Your nerve endings get irritated. You know what that's like. Not pleasant, but not fatal.

    Oliver Rose: Could you get this hiatal hernia, say, by being squeezed between someone's legs?

    Doctor: …No.

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  2. Yes. But also meh: tired of Hollywood interpreting feminism as empowerment through personal armament. Remember the 80s? Rampant materialism? Reagan in a landslide? That decade could make a film like 9 to 5. That film would never be made in the 21st century.

    And yes. Yes I have not yet had my warm caffeinated beverage today, thank you.

  3. That explains why James Bond would usually defeat Jaws by jumping up on his shoulders and squeezing his much larger foe's neck between his naked thighs. Likewise for Batman fighting Bane, Superman fighting Doomsday, Legolas fighting the Cave Troll, etc.

  4. Not all woman warriors?

  5. Everybody deserves to have someone who looks at them the way that Tormund looks at Brienne over that hunk of what I assume is charred horseflesh.

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