Bundle up for winter with this adorable GIF

Artist Libby VanderPloeg demonstrates just how many layers it takes to get polar vortex-ready.

Notable Replies

  1. You'd think that someone who has that much trouble staying warm in winter would have more functional headwear than a more-fashionable-than-functional hat and a loosely-draped scarf.

    Are either of her ears even covered? At the sort of temperatures where that kind of layering is necessary, I'd be seriously worried about losing those ears to frostbite.

    ...And she'd really be much warmer with a tight-fitting base layer of merino wool or polyester (or some other sweat-wicking material).

  2. Old says:

    At least she can put her arms down.

  3. Awww, you! You really had me going there for a moment. Nobody in the whole world could be that grumpy over a cute gif, not even on the interwebs...

    (a beat)

    ...could they?

  4. adonai says:

    Meanwhile, in Australia...

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