This man's superpower is grabbing moles from the ground

I don’t know how he does it, but this golf groundskeeper clearly has a sixth sense when it comes to moles.

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  1. MBrody says:
  2. He should run his resume past the CIA. Somebody with a 6th sense for moles could do very well indeed in the 'intelligence community'.

    1. Dig a hole. 2. Stuff a mole in it. 3. Start the camera and tell a bullshit story. 4. Pull the mole out. 5. One million views.
  3. That's covered in the video.

  4. I was troubled by the way the video stops just as he's walking towards the mower, too.

    In rural Lancashire/Cumbria, and presumably the rest of the UK, it's common to see a row of mole corpses hanging from a barbed-wire fence. I'm never entirely sure why - is the molecatcher letting the landowner how much he/she is owed? Isn't there a better way?

    Or is it to show the moles what'll happen?

    ETA: Never mind; I had the radical idea of consulting Google, and found out.

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