Trump responds to "golden showers" Russian report with hysterical ALLCAPS tweet

An unverified dossier, reportedly sourced to a former British Intelligence agent working with Russian operatives, claims that Trump paid to watch hookers urinate on a Moscow hotel bed. Shady and shapeless as the document is, the intelligence community reportedly takes it seriously and the PEEOTUS is already mad on Twitter at its release.

A delicious reminder from Danegeld: the last time he called something a "witch hunt," it was the reportage of the Trump University scam that ended in him paying out $25m to settle the lawsuits.

The festivities (#GoldenShowers) will overshadow outgoing president Obama's farewell speech, sadly, but there was always going to be something.

Important Reminder: no photo, no problem.

Notable Replies

  1. DevinC says:

    I think we should be careful about this particular allegation; we don't want any backsplash if it turns out to be fake.

    ...I mean backlash.

  2. More of a WHIZZ HUNT, amiright? Hello, is this thing on?

  3. DevinC says:

    He's number one at PR. He micturated from Wharton, after all. If you don't think he'll slash this stream down to a trickle, urine for a surprise.

  4. Fef says:

    He's a classic Goldwater Republican.

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