Drone flyover shows construction on Apple's circular campus

To celebrate 2017, Matthew Roberts flew a drone over the Apple Campus 2 site under construction. Interesting to compare to when Pesco posted this back in 2015.

He wisely did this on Christmas day, when no one was working. Check out his channel for lots of archived flyovers.

APPLE CAMPUS 2 Christmas/New Years Update 4K (YouTube / Matthew Roberts)

Notable Replies

  1. They rounded the corners off the Pentagon

  2. "Welcome to S.T.A.R labs."

  3. Flying drones over cult headquarters seems to be trending these days.

  4. So long as they don't paint the interior in a dingy-yellow color that looks dirty and old even when the paint is still wet.

  5. A monument to human ingenuity and tax dodging.

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