Ian Fleming's James Bond novels are either free or $2 as Kindle editions

I've read a few of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels and they are a lot of fun. James Bond is much more flawed and weird in the books than he is in the movies. Right now Amazon is selling the Bond series for $2 a book as Kindle editions. But if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited (I do) you can read them for free. Here's a link to a join Amazon Kindle Unlimited with 30-Day Free Trial.

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  1. Many of the movies are ruined by Bond being too much of a smug smartass, playing for laughs. Flemings' Bond was never like that. Daniel Craig's more gritty portrayal comes closest to Flemings' vision in my view. Connery is also good, of course - but too self confident. Moore was a disaster. Dalton and Brosnan somewhere in the middle. Lazenby? I don't know what to say. Not the worst movie, though.

  2. spejic says:

    Don't expect an enlightened depiction of women.

  3. If you've seen the movies, but have not read the books, the books may surprise you: book Bond is quite different from movie Bond.

    In Moonraker (the book), for example, we learn that Bond spends most of his time at his desk back at headquarters, writing tedious reports, worrying about whether he will have enough money when he retires (assuming he survives the field missions), and having "rather cold and passionless affairs with married women" (memory check on the exact quote).

  4. Except for founding the Taliban in The Living Daylights.

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