Man has lived alone in Colorado ghost town for 40 years

In 1972 billy barr (he spells it lowercase) was a Rutgers University environmental science student and did some research in Gothic, Colorado, a ghost town built around a silver mine. The native New Jerseyan returned after graduation and has lived in the town as its sole full-time resident ever since. He has also taken meticulous snowfall and temperature measurements, which have proven valuable to climate scientists.

From Oddity Central:

“The trend I see is that we’re getting permanent snow pack later, and we get to bare ground sooner,” barr says. “We’ll have years where there was a lot of snow on the ground, and then we lose snow sooner than years that had a lot less snow just because it’s a lot warmer now.”

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  2. If I could get Internet and had easy access to a local town for supplies and getting email, I would do it.

  3. He may be the only full-time resident. There is quite an active research community there during the non-winter seasons.

  4. No. The suburbs are a special kind of padded cell.

  5. Always nice to read about Happy Mutants in the world.

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