Song made from a weird pest control phone call

Train Global says: "I made a song using a weird phone call my friend sent me from his pest control job." He reports in the comments, "Apparently she only had a few ants in her house."

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  1. that just made me very sad

  2. Only a few ants, but very very sad.

  3. I'm pretty sure we've got laws against that kind of thing in Europe.

    Not against the despicable act of referring to such an inane arrangement of repetitive noise as "a song", somehow implying that it was "music". No, you can't legislate the quality of art. And after all, if this "song" was made by a twelve-year-old, it might actually be a sign of (moderate) talent.

    But recording a phone call made by an obviously distraught woman and using it to ridicule her in public? You just don't do that.

    In my grandmother's final year of life, I've received my share of phone calls where she was seeking help for some minor problem that seemed a lot bigger to her than it actually was. I did not record any of those calls, and I did not use them to ridicule her in public. If she had called a professional and they had done this to her, I would have been seriously upset and angry.

  4. jthiem says:

    I think the story is quite sad, and making this "song" is actually unethical unless the person on the other end of the phone has given consent (which I highly doubt). Sounds like she has Delusional Parasitosis, which is common in the elderly. I thought people working in pest control would be aware of this phenomenon.

  5. I hope you don't mind, I'm totally calling my next release "Inane Arrangements of Repetitive Noise".

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