The Daily Lego project finds the whimsy in everyday objects

Last year Polish graphic designer Michał Kulesza completed not one, but two daily Lego projects. For the first half of the project, he spend 135 days photographing everyday objects transformed into Legos. Kulesza writes, “[In the project] simple everyday objects are connected (or totally inverted) into Lego bricks. In this way I created different grotesque or even absurd daily situations. I took photos in minimal composition and every time I showed new ideas. In my work I just wanted to make people smile.”

For the second half of the project, Kulesza was accidentally “transformed” into a Lego figure and photographed himself in everyday situations.

In the end, Kulesza ended up with 240 images. You can read more about the project here and here. And you can see the full collection of Daily Lego photos and LegomanDaily photos.

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  1. I downloaded an update and it bricked my Lego! Help, how do I fix it!

  2. perhaps I am the only person in all of Boing Boingdom who feels this way but I am so fucking sick of anything related to legos that I can't see straight. ( maybe I can't see straight cause I'm gay but thats a different issue.) Every time they think of some new pointless way to mold plastic into a way to shoe horn money into their pockets Boing Boing praises the new discovery as if it could cure cancer or relieve world hunger. Semi-clever ways to make plastic slightly resemble something other than plastic just fails to excite me. For all of you who just love that crap I'm happy for you. Just wait til you find tinkle toys or erector sets!....You'll be damp with delight i'm sure.

  3. I believe that was indeed the original slogan.

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