Beautifully-shot video of a box being made

Watching Laura Kampf build a poplar projector box is an education in 1) excellent craftsmanship and 2) tools I must now get. The way dovetail jointing is illustrated is particularly fascinating: in 5 minutes of well-shot arty youtube cinema I feel I learned more than a dozen talky howto videos where the content is buried somewhere after a minute of intro music, five minutes of "HEY GUYS" rambling, and nine more fooling around in the shop. Don't miss the sketchbook!

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  1. Wow. Big respect. This is hard work. Years ago, I had an attempt at making a pine box with grooved corners by hand. I failed miserably. It takes years of practice to get where she is at.

  2. Good tools makes all the difference. Which is why that $99 table saw at Home Depot is not a good value.

    She is obviously skilled but commits a cardinal sin by not wearing safety glasses. Not sure I would wear earbuds with a cord dangling in front like that around power tools either.

    If you want to see some mad woodcrafting skills without power tools, this goofy guy is amazing:

  3. In b4 safety chiding!

    Not sure why she didn't use the countersunk head screws, but what a great video. I wish I had camera staff, this kind of thing is really hard to pull off without a helper.

  4. maxp says:

    "Beamer" meaning "projector" was mentioned recently on Language Log as an example of "EU English" that would be puzzling to native speakers. Also in that category is "handy" meaning "cell phone," which I hope catches on here in the US.

    Anyway, great work!

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