Software platform for 1,000 cannabis businesses crashed over the weekend

Last week a software platform used by 1,000 cannabis businesses crashed. The CEO of MJ Freeway says the outage was caused by an "unprecedented, malicious attack."

From Fortune:

An MJ Freeway spokesperson told the Globe last week that the attack was specifically targeted at MJ Freeway, which is based in Denver. The company reports that it has received no ransom demands, suggesting that the attack could have been personally or politically motivated.

MJ Freeway, which serves more than 1,000 clients, is one of the most prominent startups providing technical infrastructure for the booming legal marijuana industry. In a 2015 Bloomberg profile, the company’s services were described as something like SAP or Oracle for weed, with features like automatic sales reports, staff scheduling, and crop data tracking.

(Thanks, Julian!)

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  1. sluggo says:

    If you rely on the Cloud to never go up in a puff of smoke, you're high.

  2. My browser keeps giving me a 420 error when I try and get to the site...

  3. Series of tubes, dude. Series. Of. Tubes.

  4. Shuck says:

    I keep reading the headline as "Software platform for 1,000 cannibal businesses crashed over the weekend" and thinking, "Well, good," No, I'm not high.

  5. Stay strong, department of humane commerce. Only you can protect the purity of the wallpaper patterns' conception of a cure for football trauma. Also American Football and misreading logs for financial advantage.

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