The benefit of making your personal to-do list public

Joe Reddington makes his personal to-do list public, and he says "it’s the most useful thing I’ve done in years." Because he is writing his list for an audience, he has to describe the task clearly. The tasks now take "less thinking when I cast my eye down the list. That makes them easier to start, and that makes them easier to finish."

My favorite item on his list: "Brainstorm doubling down on the 'Never leave the house unless it's going to be fun' unless cycling."

Notable Replies

  1. "Oh hi Officer, thanks for calling. Yes, I did miss my court date. Yes. Well, I have a personal rule, I don't leave the house unless it'll be fun; do you think I could request balloons at the next hearing date? What's that? House arrest? Awesome!"

  2. Same principle behind telling people about your diet or smoking, etc. Supposed to create reinforcing social pressures.

    • Find a good place to dump bodies. Minimize carrying distance. Disposable tarp for car.
  3. As a colorblind person, this list is damn near illegible to me. But I'm glad this guy thinks this list is the most useful thing he's done in years.

  4. That's the second item on my to-do list. I should probably move "Get something to write to-do list on" to the top of the list.


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