Spend 5 minutes, help save our society

This amazingly handy website pretty much holds your digital hand through the process of calling your representatives.

Take five minutes, call your reps.

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  1. I just called, and the phones are jammed, which is a good sign. Was eventually able to leave messages with my senators. Actually reached a live human at my congressman's office, who told me that he has officially denounced trump's anti-Muslim executive order, and introduced legislation to ban religious tests pertaining to immigration. Not that such a bill has much of a chance at the moment, but at least he's gotten the message, and is on the right side of this one. We'll have to see if my status-quo senators grow a backbone as well.

  2. My senator is famously terrible at answering his calls (and keeping his voicemail full) but I love the site.

  3. In all seriousness this and other tools like it should be permanently docked on your front page for all to see. Too important to have slide away into the grid of forgotten stories.

  4. xkot says:

    They only get away with stupid garbage because they know that historically the people aren't paying attention and don't call them on it. Most of them fear not being reelected more than they fear their corporate managers. Calls and letters do have an impact.

    Maybe we needed a horror show like Trump to get us Americans off our lazy duffs and mobilize. Join the resistance!

  5. In case you haven't heard this already:

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