Fan re-edits The Hobbit single, reasonable movie

Sara writes, "It has been a few years since The Hobbit has its theatrical release and some fans have been toiling since then on the perfect edit. Joblit has posted links to his latest versions.They include the personal favourite Theatrical Edition (runtime 2:42), a somewhat indulgent Extended Edition (runtime 3:45), and a brisk Ludicrous Edition (runtime 2:10). He notes to keep in mind that the credits are 13 minutes long, so playback is considerably shorter. If you're a fan of the films and also like an early night then these film edits are for you."

My edits refocus three sprawling films by:

-Balancing the exuberant book with the gritty sequel films; less goofiness, gore and dread.

-Unifying the narrative with fewer flashbacks, cross-cuts, establishing and reaction shots.

-Avoiding inconsistent, unnecessary and implausible plots and dialogue.

-Mining all three Extended Editions for character moments and visual storytelling.

My edits cut all of the usual suspects: the Elvish Love Triangle, Lake Town politics, heavy-handed LotR foreshadowing, and cartoonishness. They are particularly lean on Bard–now just a roguish archer–and Thorin, whose transition is more natural and human. Unlike most other edits, I kept Gandalf’s side quest and Thorin’s beef with Azog (except in the Ludicrous Edition).

Jobilt Hobbit [Jobilt]

Notable Replies

  1. I watched the first one and never felt the need to watch the other two. I felt as betrayed as when I watched the Star Wars prequels.

  2. But what of Legolas' epic and victorious battle against the laws of physics?

  3. I'd be happy with an edit that removed Legolas' ridiculous rock jumping as its first priority. It's as painful to watch as farting CG aliens in Episode 1.

    I watched all three in the theater. Enjoyed the first one quite a bit, thought the second one ramped up the ridiculousness to a painful degree, and was actively angry at the third one.

    The "riddles in the dark" sequence is as good as anything in the LOTR movies. The rest is sadly, inexplicably sub-par.

    The Rankin-Bass Hobbit is so much better than these movies in every way.

  4. "I can talk about my issues with LOTR and The Hobbit forever." ~ The Internet

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