A Flickr group devoted to the most beautiful old control panels you've ever seen

Do you like dials, knobs, levers, gauges, toggles, dip-switches, knife-switches, blinking peanut bulbs, faders, patch-panels, big red buttons, keyboards, breakers, fuses, stops, fascia, takeup reels, wheels, yokes, tachyometers, odometers, speedometers, emergency handsets, mics, valves, periscopes, oscilloscopes, brush-switches, paper tapes, manufacturer's instructions engraved in acrylic signs, and other control apparatus? I know you do! You will therefore love the Control Panel Flickr group.

control room - abandoned power plant, CONTROTONO (Roby)

Ballast control area (I think) aboard an Oberon Class Submarine., David Gee

Green Vickers, DMAX 303

(Post header: Steve Jurvetson, CC-BY)

(Thanks, Dan!)

Notable Replies

  1. Oh man, that don't touch sign just gives me an uncontrollable urge to start flipping switches. What good is an awesome control panel if you can't flip the switches and fiddle with knobs?

  2. Do you not see unflipped switches and toggles? That's like asking a cat not to fuck with ball of yarn

  3. I want to flip all the switches and press all the buttons and turn all the dials!

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