Drone footage of a spectacular deep gorge river in Mallorca

The island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean has remarkable geologic formations, but one of the most stunning is Torrent de Pareis, a meandering stream that cuts through a steep gorge, emptying into the ocean at Sa Calobra. Max Winter captured this lovely drone footage.

From Max's description:

The stream’s topography and landscape are the products of the abrasive action of the stream water on calcareous stone and the dissolution of rock due to contact with rainwater. These processes have given rise to karst formations and created caves, chasms, elds of lapies, dolines, etc. In the case of the Torrent de Pareis, they have also led to a large tectonic fracture, with visually spectacular results.

Here's a lovely waterfall plunging into the sea:

Some beautiful winter footage:

Be sure to check our Sam's series Mallorca from the air on Flickr for more.

Sa Calobra - Torrent de Pareis (Vimeo / Max Winter)

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