Fool strangers in public places with the code-generating website

Shoulder surfers will be totally blown away by your movie hacker skills!


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  1. Enkita says:

    Not recommended, after using in public place was detained by MI5 for several months and denied access to a lawyer.

    edit - OK, perhaps it was a bit silly to ask the policeman outside the gates of Downing St. if he knew Theresa May's Government Gateway credentials, but surely they can take a joke?

  2. kpkpkp says:

    That's pretty cool and the code kinda looks like it does something, but generally speaking, that's not how people code - so linearly - at least, that not how I do it.

  3. And now a demonstration of proper posture for use of this site:

  4. Figured it out.

    If you hit alt 3 times you get "access granted" and if you hit caps lock 3 times you get "access denied"

  5. Fun fact! CSI:Cyber[1] actually used Hackertyper for its... hacker-typing a few times. The intro sequence, if memory serves, has bits from it.

    [1] Which, if you are a computer-y sort of person is the funniest thing in the world.

    Well chosen! I would also accept:

    It's funny because it is (could so easily be) true. (I need a 'bitter laugh' emoticon)

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