Temperature in Oklahoma reaches 99 degrees in mid-February

A heat-wave hit Oklahoma, sending temperatures into the high 90s. Norman, Oklahoma was 99 degrees F (37 C) on February 11.

From ThinkProgress:

Many people may welcome a temperate day in February, but warm weather in normally cold months disrupts ecosystems. Trees may bloom after an unseasonably balmy spell — and then suffer frost damage when cold weather returns. Flowers may blossom and shed their petals before bees arrive to pollinate them. These minor destabilizations have a ripple effect, impacting flora, fauna, and the industries built around them.

In Oklahoma, the spike in temperature is particularly ironic, given the state’s political climate. [Sen. James "Snowball" Inhofe (R-OK)] is Washington’s most vocal climate denier, having published a book alleging that climate change is a hoax while serving as the ranking Republican member of the Senate Environment Committee.

Image: Mesonet

Notable Replies

  1. See? President Trump has been in the White House for less than a month and he's already repealed Winter and replaced it with something terrific!

  2. Admittedly, "It's unseasonably hot, so climate change must be real." is exactly as silly as "It snowed, so global warming is a hoax."

  3. True. Climate =/= weather.

    The fact that the area I live in is getting tons more snow than it did last year doesn't mean that the global, overall trend isn't still that things are getting hotter.

  4. I thought Magnum was in PI.

  5. "Once is weather, twice is weather, nineteen years out of the last twenty is climate."

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