Li'l Trump

Tiny Trumps is a new subreddit page that features the little fella in his daily life. From Melania making sure he doesn't take a tumble to Obama doing his best not to laugh to Trumpkin entertaining Justin Trudeau, Tiny Trumps is my current go-to when I need a good chuckle.

Notable Replies

  1. Fake news. Obviously the President is at least a foot taller than those pictures depict.

    The hands are about right though.

  2. Totes adorbs!

  3. So years from now we're going to be hearing Napoleon like statements along the lines of, "Really, he wasn't that short. The press at the time wished to belittle him by actually depicting him as short."

  4. I... Oh my. This is the mo.. um... I just... can't believe how pure and fine humanity can be. My God.

    It's full of adorable orange stars.

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