Watch a model dangle off a skyscraper for a photo shoot

This video featuring Viktoria Odintsova is probably not adhering to local occupational safety regs. If the photo below gets your palms sweating, you may want to skip the video above.

This is certainly a spectacular and evocative image. Dangling from the Cayan Tower in Dubai as her stunt trainer holds her by one arm certainly led to some additional cool shots and helped her stand out in a crowded industry. But holy moly!


Notable Replies

  1. It's in Dubai. It probably is fine according to local occupational safety regs.

  2. I tried. I really tried to watch it. I wanted to, wanted to push my limits, the boundaries of my fear of heights. My palms were sweaty the moment they got to the roof, long before they got near the edge. All I could think about was my sweaty palms, how she'd never be able to grip them for long, how I'd certainly drop her and would plunge after her.

    I will now lay on my carpeted floor and play with lint for a while.....

    EDIT: I did it... I watched the whole thing. These people are complete and utter numb nuts and I need a stiff drink now.

  3. It's too bad no technology exists that would allow us to create such images without putting anyone at risk. Someone should get to work on this.

  4. East European models are cheaper than Photoshop. Ask the President!

    (That was mean-spirited, but I just couldn't resist.)

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