Rachel Maddow connects the dots between a billionaire Russian oligarch and a bizarre Donald Trump deal

Why would a savvy Russian billionaire buy a tear-down, mold-infested house from Donald Trump for $100 million, and what does it have to do with newly confirmed Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross?

In a 20-minute video, Rachel Maddow exposes the shady connections between tens of billions of dollars of international money laundering, Putin's close friends and relatives, crooked banks, Wilbur Ross, and Donald Trump. The fact that Republicans in Congress have blocked every attempt to open an investigation into Trump's ties to Russian money laundering makes them complicit in the ongoing coverup.

Watch video here.

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  1. Below is a repost from five days ago about other russian money-laundering connections.

    And Maddow is right about the reasons for the russians to build a blackmail file on Trump. When Putin came to power he made a deal with the oligarchs - they stay out of politics and he won't re-nationalize all the state resources they stole under yeltsin. But sometimes an oligarch decides to challenge Putin anyway. So Putin needs ways to keep the oligarchs under control. The blackmail file wasn't about controlling trump, it was about getting him to cooperate with Putin and snitch on the oligarchs he took money from. It was just serendipty for Putin that Trump ended up in the office of the president.

    Trump's russophilia comes from the fact that russian money is primarily responsible for bailing him out of bankruptcy. But the price was more than just standard loan terms, his real-estate business was used to launder oligarch money. It should be no surprise then that he's in deep with a figure from the russian mob.

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