Adobe Illustrator is 30 years old

My favorite application is Adobe Illustrator, which turned 30 this week. I have used it for decades and still learn new things about it almost evert week. Here's a great video series about the beginnings of Adobe Illustrator. In the first episode, graphic designers talk about Rapid-O-Graph pens, rub-on letters, French curves, and how Adobe worked to digitize those tools. My only complaint is that the series wasn't longer.

Part 2:

Part 3:

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  1. I've had it since day 1 and I think this is the year I'm finally gonna use it!

  2. I miss Macromedia Freehand, and had been using since when it was Aldus Freehand. I liked the UI for manipulating bezier curves better. And though I like Illustrator well enough, I am warming up to Sketch.

  3. Loved Freehand. Miss it still when I'm forced to use Illustrator for something. I just "got" the Freehand tools and could never seem to adapt to Illustrator.

  4. I got sick of paying for CS cloud, and recently transitioned to using a g4 tower with illustrator 10 and photoshop 7. If you need every last cutting edge feature then maybe the old stuff is not for you, but scanning, painting, drawing curves, and laying text is surprisingly efficient for a setup that cost me $50 with a craigslist mac and a scanner 15 years old.

    I'm not in major industries, but for a while now I felt adobe have already created most of what the illustration/photo world need and recent of the advancements have been about survival over function.

  5. I'm on CS5 and have zero desire to upgrade to Creative Cloud. I'd get along just fine with Illustrator 10 except that I often have to use art sent to be by various clients and content partners, and Adobe has that fun thing they do where Illustrator art stops being backwards compatible after a certain number of versions.

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