Five tips to kick your smartphone habit

Alex Wood is an addict but won't give up his smartphone. But he has five strategies for limiting its control over him: "I used to wake up tired. My body would ache and my head felt sore, like waking up with a hangover. Finally, I took control, like attending an AA class for addicts, I faced my tech demons. Now I wake up refreshed and realise how much it was a ‘real’ addiction that affects your health."


1) Don't charge it by your bed.
2) Kill all notifications.
3) Delete Facebook, Twitter, Insta and other "attention loop" apps.
4) Switch to Android, because it has the good self-control enforcement apps.
5) Stop checking email/turn off Push email.

All obviated by 1) throw it in a lake and get a dumbphone.

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  1. 3) Delete Facebook, Twitter, Insta and other "attention loop" apps.

    Number 3 made me all tingly inside.

  2. ...but remember to follow Alex on Twitter, and click one of these four buttons - available in three places no less, for your convenience - to share this story.

  3. But how will I check BoingBoing?

    In all seriousness, I think I am getting bursitis in my shoulder from my daily walks while reading on my phone.

  4. 1) Don't charge it by your bed.

    I'm going to recommend that people actually do charge their phone by their bed, or at least in the same room and quickly reachable. Right after locking your doors and windows when you aren't home or are asleep, keeping your phone handy is one of the best ways to stay safe. If an intruder breaks into your home, and you have to run past them to the living room to get your phone to call 911, your whole situation is counter-productive.

  5. This is what "addiction" means now? Any somewhat counterproductive habit?

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