Very beautiful (and very expensive) watch contains mechanical solar system model

The Geo. Graham Orrery Tourbillon integrates a mechanical solar system model with meteorites as planets. It is just $330,000. From Graham1965's description of the dial:

Blue lacquered dial with Geo.Graham Tourbillon Orrery inscription at 4 o'clock 3 scales - from the outside to the centre: hours and minutes scale, Gregorian calendar (365.25 days - Earth indicates the date), Zodiac scale (12 astrological signs - Earth indicates the zodiac sign). Counter-clockwise reading. Solar system: The Moon (from NWA4881 meteorite, Ø0.90 mm) The Earth (Kingman Turquoise, Ø3.20 mm) Mars (Tissint meteorite, Ø1.70 mm) The Sun (pink gold (18K) - hand-engraved Tourbillon bridge with 2 Phoenix heads inspired by George Graham decoration and a close set diamond at the centre (Ø2.50mm). Counter-clockwise reading. Off-centre skeleton pink gold (18K) hands with black Super-LumiNova coating

(via Uncrate)

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  1. Pedants' note: it is not a model of the solar system. It is a model containing Sun, Earth, Moon and Mars.

    And holy fuck, it actually contains pieces of moon and mars.

    Obscenely expensive, yes - but crafty² and spaceotaku³. I wonder why they made only eight. Is that a hint for fans of Pluto?

  2. KarlS says:

    BoingBoing, where we love wonderful things we could afford (while most people couldn't) and hate those we couldn't.

  3. But that's genuine endangered species leather!

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