Artist puts Trump quotes on misogynistic old magazine ads

An artist calling himself "Saint Hoax" is removing the headlines from 1950s and 1960s advertisements, and applying quotes from Donald Trump. (Thanks, Matthew!)

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  1. That's. That's a thing.
    I know you can cherry-pick for these things, but damn if that doesn't look completely in-place with the ads.

  2. I'd laugh, but it's hard to do when I'm trying not to scream in frustration and horror.

  3. And this is what he means by "Make America great again", failing to see that for so many there wasn't anything great about it.

  4. hecep says:

    I might be terribly wrong about this (please correct me), but 'Make America Great Again' was a code meant to convince voters that America was no longer great, and that, specifically due to having too many undocumented immigrants, non-whites and non-Christians here. It was a call to everyone who felt that the 'other' person/group was the problem, and not themselves. It worked for Hitler. It worked for Trump.

  5. Where have you been!!!!!

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