Child interrupts remote expert interview on BBC News

This morning, BBC News was interviewing Pusan National University professor Robert Kelly live from what is apparently his home office and someone else apparently wanted his attention...

Notable Replies

  1. Considering how panicked the woman is (wife or nanny, I don't know) and that look of bottled rage, I'm a little concerned for what might have happened later after the camera stopped rolling.

  2. This happened to me during a Skype interview with a hiring panel once.

  3. I thought that was pretty funny. He blew the opportunity to look like a nice person and roll with it but I get that he was totally caught off guard.

  4. He could have simply picked up the child(ren) and taken them out of the room, if only he had been wearing pants.

  5. When the second child came in, in the roller... :joy:

    But, had he lifted the kid into his lap and kept going, it would have been a moment.

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