Privately run immigration detention is so violent that prisoners beg to be kept in solitary

With Obama's federal government reducing the role of private prisons in the incarceration of Americans, companies like Corrections Corporation of America (now known as Corecivic) and GAO aggressively moved into providing detention facilities for people awaiting deportation, like the 2,000,000+ people deported under the Obama administrations.

These detention facilities were, if anything, even more cruel and inhumane than the private prisons that warehoused so many Americans. The Verge made FOIA requests to ICE for information on conditions in their privately contracted detention centers, and these documents reveal that under Obama, "life inside the facilities can be so dangerous and hostile that numerous detainees have voluntarily admitted themselves to solitary confinement just to seek refuge from the general population," and the remaining solitary confinement cells were routinely used to punish inmates for minor infractions like "horseplay" and talking back to guards, a punishment visited indiscriminately against detainees with severe mental illness.

Solitary confinement is classed as a form of torture by the UN.

Donald Trump has reversed the Obama policy of preventing private companies from providing federal prisons. The share prices of GAO and Corecivic have increased significantly since the inauguration.

In some of these cases, logs describe detainees who appear in obvious need of psychiatric help being put in isolation for long periods. One log reads that, on June 8th, 2016, CoreCivic staff placed a detainee in isolation for “standing up on his open bay bed and urinating in a cup followed by [the detainee] drinking the same urine.” CoreCivic, with ICE’s blessing, placed this detainee in solitary confinement for nearly a month not for mental health treatment but to discipline him for drinking his urine. The detainee had no attorney to represent him in this disciplinary action, the logs state.

In another case at Lumpkin, a mentally ill detainee was placed in disciplinary isolation because he refused “to be housed in his assigned living area because he says that he is hurting and wants to see medical, medical did see the detainee and done all that they could for the detainee.”

In a case at the Texas facility, GEO Group placed a female detainee with mental illness in punitive isolation for two weeks for “making inappropriate comments to a GEO Officer while in the dormitory.”

The logs contain indications of things being particularly amiss at the Lumpkin facility. As The Verge documented last week, CoreCivic placed dozens of detainees in solitary confinement for hunger striking at the facility in 2016 alone. Additional logs show that CoreCivic’s facilities at Lumpkin were over capacity, causing detainees to be placed in solitary simply because there was no room elsewhere. Two logs state that CoreCivic had placed detainees in isolation simply because its medical unit had no room to house people requiring medical attention.

ICE detainees are asking to be put in solitary confinement for their own safety [Spencer Woodman/The Verge]

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(Image: Cellule du quartier d'isolement de la prison Jacques-Cartier, à travers le judas, Rennes, France, Édouard Hue, CC-BY-SA)

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  1. If the bar lowers any further, all they'll need to reach PRC levels is forced organ donation.

  2. How can it even be economically expedient to be so uncaring? Surely a placated population is easier, and therefore cheaper, to contain?

  3. There was a case a few weeks back in which a private detention facility had been holding a woman for a year on immigration charges, she was sent to hospital after collapsing with seizures and nosebleed, the hospital found a brain tumor and scheduled surgery ... and the detention center sent ICE agents to get her out of pre-op and back into their prison. I guess they didn't want to pay for the surgery.

    Also: I hope everyone has read Shane Bauer's account in Mother Jones of his four months as a guard in a for-profit prison. And keep in mind, that's how we care for our own citizens, people who have defined sentences and are going to be released into our communities, who have far more ability to muster decent lawyers in real (non-immigration) courts, whose friends and relatives might know their state legislators.

  4. It still amazes me that anyone bar the corrupt owners of such prisons/detention centres think a privately run prison is a sane idea...

    Just think about it: with the profit motive, the most profitable way to run the place will be found. In some areas, this might lead to the best product as that'll get the most sales. but on something like this the 'customer' is not impacted by the results at all.

    So that inevitably leads to the minimum possible service quality they can get away with, minimal pay for the staff and maximum possible price charged. On all three areas the profit motive will give the worst possible outcome here...

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