As usual, Vi Hart's annual Pi Day video is the best way to ring in 3/14

Vi Hart (previously) is the fast-talking, doodling, hyper-charming mathematical vlogger whose Pi Day videos are consistently the best of the season, even when she's pooping on Pi, she always manages to fascinate and delight.

Having comprehensively demolished Pi, Hart devotes this year's video to building it up by baking a series of Venn Pi-a-grams that challenge the fundamental assumptions we have about pies, carbs, and pizza, and give new meaning to the idea of intersectionality.

Notable Replies

  1. What's this? It's been 13 years since Pi day. The next one's not til 3rd January 3004.
    (salutes picture of Queen, sips tea disdainfully)

  2. Ya always have 22 July...

  3. I think the next one is 3rd January 2041.

    Approximately Pi day.

    More accurate than American Pi day most of the time.

  4. Pi day FEH!! FEH I say!

    This day is Albert Einstein's 139th birthday and that's the only thing important.

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