How to stop websites from auto-playing audio and videos

It's annoying when videos and audio clips start playing by themselves when you visit a web site. Here are a few ways to squelch them, via Kirkville:

For Chrome: Get the Disable HTML5 Autoplay plugin. This blocks both video and audio from playing automatically.

For Firefox: Use FlashStopper.

For Safari, there used to be an excellent plugin called ClickToPlugin, but it is no longer being updated. So to turn off autoplay videos, you need to first work in Terminal. Quit Safari, then open Terminal (it’s in /Applications/Utilities). Paste this command into the window:

defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1

Press Return, and wait a few seconds.

Image: @Goga via Twenty20

Notable Replies

  1. You are doing the Lord's work. Thank you.

    Now I must return to mourning for your country's healthcare.

  2. …can you disable the auto-playing videos on BoingBoing then?

  3. that I know how to stop autoplay in Chrome, how do I keep the video window from following me down the page and covering nearly 1/4 of my screen?

  4. Try clicking the little red X in the upper right-hand corner of the browser window. :wink:

    Seriously, though, I've lost all patience with the web. When I run into any of that kind of crap that even moderately annoys me, I just close the tab and move on.

    Auto-play audio/video? Close tab and move on.
    Page takes more than a second or so to download 78 MB of javascript on a mobile device? Close tab and move on.
    Pop-over dialog entreating me to subscribe to your newsletter? Close tab an– wait, for this one it's actually: enter some variation of "pop-ups still suck and now so do you" formatted as a valid email address, then, close the tab and move on.

    I will admit that I go out of my way to make sites I like less annoying enough that I can actually stand to read them, but for everything else, I just close the tab and move on.

  5. I hear ya, brother. Some of the news sites I read are the most guilty of the crawling video window so I'd really like to stop that. As for the others, I don't visit them, especially the ones that require I turn off ad-blocker in order to see the page. If the ads weren't so obtrusive I'd not need to use the blocker and I would tolerate more modest ads.

    Its enough to make me want to go back to hard copy newspaper.

    I like your reaction to the "subscribe" pop up...think I'll borrow your idea.

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