Man gets off London Underground train, runs to the next stop before the train gets there

London, city of slow trains and fleet foxes. [Via Pepo Jiménez]

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  1. Nice. When I lived in DC there was a guy who would race the bus. He'd wait at the bus stop, then run to work, beating the bus to every stop. Traffic there was horrible. After a while he started running backwards to keep it challenging.

  2. Yeah, well, sure, but he had to, like, run and stuff. Who wants to do that?

  3. Oh Clark, you scamp.

  4. When I was younger and considerably more spry, a San Francisco bus blew right by me waiting at a stop. So I ran to the next stop and beat the bus there. If you think the driver was abashed by my obvious irritation and humiliated by my footrace, you have obviously never taken public transit in America.

  5. Wait, I'm not sure that's a valid move. Does anyone have their copy handy of The Little Book of Mornington Crescent by Tim, Graeme, Barry and Humph?

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