Pothole in your neighborhood? Tell Portland Anarchist Road Care to fix it

The reason people like to complain about municipalities' slow response to pothole complaints is because municipalities are slow to respond to pothole complaints. But group that calls itself Portland Anarchist Road Care is taking matters into its own hands by illegally repairing potholes around town.


Because we believe in building community solutions to the issues we face, outside of the state.

Because society portrays anarchists as only breaking windows and blocking roads.

Because when faced with anarchism as a political theory, statests often ask "But who will fix the roads."

Because the city of Portland refuses to adequately repair roads in a timely manner.

We are Portland Anarchist Road Care. We believe in community oriented direct action. We believe the state cares more about funding a militarized police force to suppress free speech than caring for and repairing the roads.

The city of Portland has shown gross negligence in its inadequate preventative care through this winter's storms, and through its slow repair of potholes as weather has improved. Daily, this negligence is an active danger to cyclists and causes damage to people's automobiles, and an increased risk of collision and bodily injury.

Portland Anarchist Road Care aims to mobilize crews throughout our city, in our neighborhoods, to patch our streets, build community, and continue to find solutions to community problems outside of the state.


Notable Replies

  1. Roads?

    Where we're going we won't NEED roads!

  2. As long as they're doing a competent job of this and not endangering public safety, this is a much smarter way to improve their image and the commons than the idiotic Black Bloc tactics that "force" society into portraying anarchists as "only breaking windows and blocking roads."

    Also, thanks for the Harry Tuttle shout-out. First thing that came to mind.

    Did they put a bird on it?

  3. Sure, but the City's pothole repairs aren't Artisanal. My steampunk Penny Farthing's tires can tell the difference.

  4. Much the same here in LA. City services are quite responsive. Actual potholes are almost always filled the day after they're reported, because they can be dealt with by one guy with a truckload of hot-patch.

    But many road-maintenance problems are more complex, the result of underlying structural damage to the concrete road-base, which requires considerable work to fix. Filling existing structural defects with hot-patch
    is a very short-term temporary fix at best, and may make the situation worse by diverting drainage to still-intact areas, causing further erosion.

    The LA Bureau of Street Services publishes the following guides to help distinguish between simple potholes and damage requiring more complex repair:

    How a typical pothole is formed and prepared

    Other Street Damage

    The second photo, above, shows the Anarchists making inadvisable repairs to a structural problem that isn't a pothole. Their efforts may very well make the ongoing erosion at that location worse.

    It's a whole lot easier to make half-assed 'fixes' that make for good temporary cosmetics and politically-useful "optics" than it is to actually fix the problem correctly and permanently.

  5. "DAMN THE MAN!"



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