Very cheap laser printer toner cartridges

It was a happy day when, several years ago, we retired our color inkjet printer and bought a laser printer. It doesn't make color prints, but we rarely need them. It's fast and best of all, 3rd-party toner cartridges are dirt cheap. Amazon sells a 2-pack of the TN450 compatible high yield toner cartridge for most Brother printers for $14, or $7 each. The genuine cartridges sell for $45 each. I've never has a problem with any of the knockoff cartridges.

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  1. So much low-level tech happiness from ditching my HP inkjet & outrageously priced DRM cartridges.
    Got a Brother laser printer & use more expensive 3rd party than mentioned above - still 1/2 price. No problems.
    Don't miss color... and all the inkjet induced anger.

  2. Good to know. When the toner cartridge finally stops printing on my Brother 4040CDN I'll look at these. Snce I'm going on 5+ years on the original may still be a while.

  3. Those Brother mono lasers are great printers. We've installed about three dozen in classrooms, and they take a lot of abuse from students without being much worse for wear. Not bad for a $100-ish machine.
    Plus, the model we have has an optical toner level sensor, so you can fool it with some opaque tape until you can replace the cartridge.

  4. I went down that rabbit hole nearly 20 years ago, I was loading archival pigments, not common at that time, into carts for a Epson Photo printer and buying expensive paper. I ultimately decided Costco prints were ridiculously cheap and made more sense. Last year I had a bunch of 16x20's done for $7 each. 20x30 are $10. You can't touch that price, and the size is spectacular. Some Ikea frames and your photo is on the wall for under $20.

  5. so you were the other rabbit in that hole!

    when you are checking light fastness rating of pigment powders and drilling holes in cartridges, then it is indeed time to step back and re-evaluate. I'm glad i came to my sense before i bought the wide format printer that works on canvas.

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