Wind so intense that these cyclists can't pedal into it

Strong winds in Cape Town, South Africa disrupted the recent Cape Town Cycle Tour. If the cyclists had just turned around, the following would be their theme song:

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  1. Chaz says:

    Run yesterdays leg the other way, set some records? :thinking:

  2. We've secretly replaced these cyclists steroids with LSD, lets watch what happens.

  3. I experienced wind very nearly too intense to pedal into it just a few weeks ago (there were only a few spots where the wind-tunnel effect forced me to get off and walk the bike).

    This, however, was a whole nother thing...

  4. Why are they complaining? It's just like a water hazard in golf - just makes the game more interesting.

  5. All your life you've never seen
    A woman taken by the wind

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