Futuracha Pro, a font that "evolves" as you type

Futuracha Pro is a typeface designed to take excessive advantage of alternatives, ligatures and other features of modern fonts, so much so that as you type, the words evolve into striking, but consistent new forms.[via Bored Panda]

Futuracha Pro is an Open Type Font, which magically adjusts and readjusts as you write. Its quirkiness and eccentricity are the two main features that made it one of the most beloved fonts in the whole world. Until today, nobody was able to just sit down and type with it. Featuring various combinations of letters and plenty of playful ligatures, Futuracha Pro gives creative people the opportunity to actually type and create, making their ideas extraordinary and unique!

Currently available as an elaborate nest of EPS files, a proper font's been in the works for years. You can preorder it for $50, but it's still cooking and will not be available until May.

Notable Replies

  1. I just want a typeface for roman characters that looks as refined and human as Grecs du Roi. Is that so much to ask?

  2. The thing is, the more successful the kickstarter, the more the typeface will end up being used, and (since it is the kind of thing that will get old) the less valuable it becomes.

    It's like in Robert Anton Wilson's Reality Is What You Can Get Away With where he proposes a competition in which you can win a million dollars by mailing in a postcard, but only if you are the only person to do so.

  3. I can see how it could be a inspirational font for creating a wide variety of visual solutions. However, it's key 'evolving' characteristic looks to be more well suited for a texting or some other interactive experience. As with most decorative typefaces it's popularity will ebb and flow.

  4. it's a story that evolves every time you re-post it!

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