Interview with family that crashed dad's BBC interview

Robert Kelly and his wife Kim Jung-A talk about the now-viral BBC interview that starred their adorable children in a "hippity-hoppity mood." The article is behind Wall Street Journal's paywall, but you can watch the video without a subscription.

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  1. KarlS says:

    So many people were so sure that she was staff. I wonder which detail it might have been that made people jump to that conclusion.

  2. Good parents take turns at taking care of the kids. If you see someone on TV, you can expect they are on the job and that their spouse is currently the one dealing with the kids. In a few hours those roles can easily reverse.

    Pointing out a bias and patriarchy without all the facts is very ignorant. Everyone wants to color in their own narrative, for good or bad. But really we don't know the details of the family to judge. And most importantly, we have no right to judge.

  3. Ah yes, the evil MAN not turning away from the camera during an interview slot that was likely 90 seconds long at most, never mind the fact that he could actually see his daughter on the screen (he says that outright during the follow-up and you can easily confirm this by starting up Skype yourself).

    Having had the pleasure of trying to keep an active toddler away from my wife's office while she's in the middle of an interview, I assure any who care to read this, I would be just as panicked-looking if my toddler had escaped during that time. I don't think this makes me an exemplary father or a brave rebel striking a blow against The Patriarchy. I think it makes me not an inconsiderate asshole.

    But hey, by all means let's fill in the gaps to suit our narrative of reality. Because of course, valid examples of the patriarchy are very hard to come by -- at the very least as hard as are non-bullshit outrage news topics.

  4. Say what now?

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