Man runs from one subway stop to another and catches train before it leaves

This guy jumped out of a London subway car as soon as it opened its doors, then ran up the stairs, through the station, across surface streets, into the next station, down the stairs, and jumped back into the same car before the train left.

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  1. Isn't he still tired from last time?

  2. And he didn't get any faster either.

  3. Maybe he'll do better on his third try.

  4. I'm not buying it. How in the heck did he get his Oyster card to go through on the first try - twice?

  5. BTW in the UK they've called carriages, not cars. The network is called London Underground or colloquially, The Tube. Not subway. Subway in the UK is a pedestrian underpass, or a place to buy something assembled by a sandwich artist.

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